The Cure Lullaby


I always thought you could build a fun interactive ‘off-beat’ film using a standard 4 camera security system. It would be be an experience where your actively controlling either multiple images at once, or following them into a single frame. Figuratively your dealing with the narrative and spatial relationship in and around each shot. Now back to earth for a second, this acoustic version of ‘lullaby’ likely had no such aim, it’s purely a way of watching thye Cure play at once.

Be still be calm be quiet now my precious
Boy don’t struggle like that or i will only love
You more for it’s much too late to get away or
Turn on the light the spiderman is having you
For dinner tonight

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  1. The Cure are an English rock band that formed in Crawley, Sussex in 1976. The band have experienced several lineup changes, with frontman, guitarist and main songwriter Robert Smith—known for his iconic wild hair, pale complexion, smudged lipstick and frequently gloomy and introspective lyrics—being the only constant member.

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