Audi Q5 Identity Thief

Really enjoyed the irony here of the car park filled with identical Lexus cars.

It occurred to me that the new Audi Q5 is hardly a radical departure to those brown models it’s supposedly superseding. Okay, beautiful lights, better lines and great dashboard. Beautiful camera moves framing the action, stunningly simple and effective (pull-focus/assumed POV and those dramatic car turns).

Obviously aimed at lulling professional women (or wannabe femme fatales) into a Hitchcock suspenseful twist. Be daring. Be different.

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  1. Here’s a long form version following several cars/threads, made for the European market I suspect. No dialogue, just pictorial storytelling. Pretty good:

    1. Amazing femme fatale photoshoot with remarks:

      “Sophisticated, seductive and so on my wish list. Fabulous!! The Gucci dress with detachable bolero is phenomenal but at €1650, it will just have to stay phenomenal in the net-a-porter warehouse!

      Those Christian Louboutin Pigalle heels that you desperately want but will not be able to walk are featured yet again and for good reason. How sexy are they? Off the scale! You actually need these. No seriously, you do.”

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