3 Replies to “Love Me Tender, Or Else”

  1. Wickedly cruel. Could this film be any more of a cliche?

    underwear models halle berry and gisele

    Poor team, endless choices and clearly exhaustive decisions making Agent Provocateur into a trashy psychological thriller.

    underwear models halle berry and gisele

    Surely we’re all tired of female cliches of women wearing next to zilch. Cast your mind to the femme fatale, especially in 1940’s cinema. Those intriguing characters are typically darker, more sinister women with strong seductive powers over their victims.

  2. Femme Fatale films are the best. Women should always been on top… like in a mental way! Seriously. Nothing is more empowering. I mean have you seen Angelina Jolie? I thought so!

  3. That’s sexy. I do agree with the other commentators, though. The film, though seemingly empowering to women, is actually aimed at men and caters to their fantasies. It serves it’s purpose, no doubt.

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