Chaise Longue

Photographer Marlena Bielinska

“The model should be confident with her own sensuality. She must be sensual – sometimes that only shows in her eyes of pose. Confidence must exude from my subject every time I shoot. Even in a simple catalog shot, just the way the model moves her legs, arches her back or smiles – She should perspire assertiveness.”

Backstory: In the late she 80′s went to New York to model. In 1993 she was fascinated by photography and already she began photographing models. Since then her work has appeared in more than 20 U.S. magazines such as Vogue, GQ, Elle, Playboy, Glamour, Cosmopolitan. She was born in Poland and educated as a psychologist. 

Purveyor of the provocative. Beautiful work.

Tony Notarberardino

In 1997, four years after photographer, Tony Notarberardino moved into the hotel. It is a ferocious study, likely a tough piece of humanity to watch and examine our own failings.


The reimagined photoshoot from the classic, “The Graduate” from Tony Notarberardino. Beautiful stark cinematography. Iconic.

Versace shadows

dan sellars

Really enjoying the inclusion of the people in the shadows/foreground. Smart, cinematic styling. Enjoying the shadow dwelling characters, intriguing idea.

Mario Testino photographer shoots Versace. One from the archives, Fall/Winter 2009-2010 campaign for Versace with Brazilian model Gisele.


Power plant

I’m truly in awe of industrial machinery/factories and this one caught my attention. It left us speechless at the sheer magnitude of how we contribute to global warming (but was perversely struck by the haunting image of smoke stacks billowing in the sky.)

Stunning aerial photography of power plantsThis is just awe-inspiring. Simply amazing cinematography from aerial photographer Jason Hawkes


Time magazine feature image from the by-gone era of black and white:

Helicopter Trace

Amazing helicopter trails captured by slow shutter speed timelapse where the camera records the entire sequence of flight with a 3-5 minute exposure. It’s rather beautiful, akin to a flight vapour trail you see in the sky.

Daring Acts of Rescue

December 2009 – A RAF rescue helicopter rescues people from their homes in the centre of Cockermouth in Keswick, United Kingdom. A major rescue operation is underway after severe weather conditions caused floods cutting off villages and towns in England’s Lake District. Wast Water is the deepest Lake in the Lake District and is over looked by Scafell pike which at 3206 feet is England’s highest mountain. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Hard to imagine that the Life Boat crews would be rescusing folk from the downtown streets. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Black Light

Beautiful selection of black light photographs showing the finger prints from goods made in China. Slightly unnerving quality to them.

When we purchase objects adorned with “Made in China” stickers, we rarely stop to consider what that means. We tend to regard the toys, tools, and electronics we buy as being absent of history. Yet even the most mass-produced of objects can tell a story, if you know how to look for it. In an effort to collapse the distance between producer and consumer, the photographer Lorena Turner purchased knickknacks that had been made in China and sold in the United States; she then dusted them for finger prints and shot them under black lights. “Fingerprints don’t reveal identity intuitively,” says Turner, “but they do communicate a human touch, that someone had a physical connection and maybe even an emotional connection to an object.”

What follows is a selection from Lorena Turner’s “Made in China.”