Art Fragrance


A new perfume that jets out a bright blue scent and looks more like a can of graffiti paint than a high-end eau de toilette.

Wode, by British design label Boudicca, is shocking cobalt blue in color and lingers on the skin and clothes for a few minutes, before the vibrant color magically fades. As the spray dries, the color disappears. Wode is supposedly based upon the war paint a certain warrior queen was fabled to wear into battle. The name Wode is also a small play on words. “Woad”is a plant extract that turns blue when exposed to oxygen and was also used in ancient British tribal markings. The scent itself is laden with notes of tuberose, amber, cardamom, clary sage and also hemlock

Howies Films

Nice one Howies.

Surfers Against Sewage began in Cornwall back in 1990 campaigning against sewage pollution on the beaches of St Agnes, Chapel Porth and Porthtowan. From these humble beginnings, SAS has grown into a nationwide force fighting for clean and safe recreational waters across the UK.

Bliss, surely not.

“The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate.”

Well, rather than label myself as ignorant to South America we spent the best part of three weeks in Patagonia. Suffice to say it was amazing. I’ll now transport you to the highlights of that trip:

Rethinking Patagonia

Inspiring reasons to rethink your approach. Patagonia is renowned for it.

One day, Yvon Chouinard, the enterprising founder of Patagonia, told his product design team to free the company’s underwear from wasteful plastic and cardboard packaging. His staff balked–he was told to expect failure. He pressed on with the changes anyhow, because it was the right thing to do. The change in packaging inspired the company to take a fresh approach to the way it markets and sells under garments, and instead of the predicted failure it resulted in a huge jump in sales.

Full disclosure: I’m a Patagonia brand advocate who loves the product and approach.

Tank Man

It was Hank Paulson that recently said “”When the situation changes you better be ready to change”. This image should be a reminder that the desire for freedom of individuals is far more powerful that governments believe. The idea that one person can stand up to a row of tanks blows my mind. It sends shivers down my neck.

Honeymoon Hotel Feature

Bruce & Emma Willis: Honeymoon Hotel Feature in W Magazine
[Warning: Bit Raunchy and Futurist]

Max Azria’s leather and suede dress, to order, at Max Azria, Balmain belt; Abakus cuff; Nina Ricci booties. On him: Calvin Klein’s nylon and lycra briefs,

It caused quite the stir, just look at the reactions:

“The photo shoot is fantastic. Anyone who feels the photos are overtly
sexual or bruces age is a factor is being completely ridiculous.You
can see the man is really fit.I feel anyone with half a brain would
jump at the chance to do an artistic shoot with top designers for
whatever reason and if you know anything about S&M would know that
shoot is soft as ice cream. Anyone who says different is just being

“It’s often said that kinky is the new gay and more people are coming
out every day. Whether they are, or they aren’t, this is a tasteful
light treat and a delight to those of us who are. Bravo to them for
having the guts to do something a little different – and do it well at
that. For those who are offended, that’s too bad – try opening your
minds just a hairline crack?”

“Yuck. Good photography. Not into the pseudo-s&m thing. Good for her
career. Gets people thinking about Bruce Willis again. I think the
whole divorce thing is weird. If you can be friends, you can be
married. I miss the old Bruce when he was funny, and married to Demi.
I also don’t get Ashton Kutcher. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. These kind of narcissistic
displays are so boring.”

The Cure Lullaby


I always thought you could build a fun interactive ‘off-beat’ film using a standard 4 camera security system. It would be be an experience where your actively controlling either multiple images at once, or following them into a single frame. Figuratively your dealing with the narrative and spatial relationship in and around each shot. Now back to earth for a second, this acoustic version of ‘lullaby’ likely had no such aim, it’s purely a way of watching thye Cure play at once.

Be still be calm be quiet now my precious
Boy don’t struggle like that or i will only love
You more for it’s much too late to get away or
Turn on the light the spiderman is having you
For dinner tonight

Pascal Anson

Pascal invents, design and prototypes products. This is his disarming presentation. Maybe it’s intended for this new generation of stay-at-home-dads who need to get IKEA inventive? The irony and wit is first class refreshing, stay with it for heaven’s sake, smile often.

This I adore, can we convince DWR Design within Reach to run with it?

His wit and style make him today’s daring act winner. His site, www.iampascal.comPascal Anson

Louis Kahn

‘My architect’ is a movie that I so vividly remember. Loui Kahn, an enigma that touches and transcends any preconceptions about the role and life of an architect. I share this TED out of great respect for his work/life.

Base Jumping

Ever thought of acting like a super heros flying through the sky at high speed? Well, now you can. This is from Norway and I DARE YOU to think of anything more exhilarating.

Adventure Awaits


Stumbled upon a striking image on the Guardian site. It’s taken in Bolivia capturing the realism/fragility of a man women deep on a bike adventure. This kind of trip is the ultimate rite of passage. SEE: I’m green with envy —Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor style adventure.

The winning shot by Sheonagh Ravensdale: “A spot of bother on the main road between Uyuni and Oruro in Bolivia. A challenging ten hour ride that included 20km on this soft sandy road and several river crossings. But we made it – two women in our fifties on a 15,000 mile ride through South America.”

Caroline Hunter, deputy picture editor of Guardian weekend magazine, said: “I chose this as the winning image as to me it perfectly expresses a certain moment in time, which is what good photography is all about. It’s a candid behind-the-scenes reportage shot that reveals the realism and vulnerability involved in making a road trip when there is only oneself and the challenge of an open road ahead of you, until you reach that picture-perfect location that enticed you to make the trip in the first place.”

This is reality

A lot has happened since the Reality Campaign launched to call out the coal industry for their dirty lies. Just last week, the Environmental Protection Agency decided to reconsider carbon dioxide regulation — a serious wake up call to the coal industry. Submit your own idea and help us push the coal industry to come clean about dirty coal.

Now with a new and improved label! New Reality ad directed by the Academy-award winning Coen Brothers.

Natural Interaction

Alessandro Valli has been hard at work creating this Interactive Climbing Wall. You may remember the other creations by Natural Interaction that we featured on the past, Interactive Floor, Multitouch SensitiveTable Skin and Grid Interface.

iOO Climb turns every ordinary climbing wall into an augmented and interactive climbing experience. Thousands of boulders and routes can now be saved on a single wall, and browsed and played using a single remote control. Climbers can thus focus on their climbing experience, forgetting numbered stickers and colored stripes. Climbing routes are displayed only where and when it is needed.

Stewart boots Cramer

Wow. Please watch. For heaven’s sake pay attention. This is important.

PBS Planet Money earlier today:

You may recall that Stewart went after Cramer and his CNBC cohorts last week for giving bad stock tips and missing the big picture in the lead-up to the market’s collapse. Last night’s TDS was largely given over to an extended conversation between the pair, and Stewart went at Cramer for telling “Mad Money” viewers to take a long view on their investments even as he was aware that the “shenanigans” of heavy-duty investors had turned the market into a minefield.


I’ll give them credit here—sometimes the most bizarre ad’s can’t help but be very amusing. Without question, subverting traditional ad campaign vernacular with off-beat ideas has huge viral appeal. Such inventive stunt campaigns could easily be followed by sustainable messaging about Bic’s all purpose shaving.

Via Sylvia G

LeBron James

“There is a lot of pressure put on me, but I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself. I feel if I play my game, it will take care of itself.”

“I don’t need too much. Glamor and all that stuff don’t excite me. I am just glad I have the game of basketball in my life.”

To all the positions, I just bring the determination to win. Me being an unselfish player, I think that can carry on to my teammates. When you have one of the best players on the court being unselfish, I think that transfers to the other players.”

Homemade Ford Commercial

Me and my flatmates try to make a car float away just like in the ford commercial. Make sure you watch till the end.

Just don’t go bursting your bubble when consumers take your product and subvert traditional advertising. Maybe you are wondering about these new experiences? Well, it’s safe to say this is the brave new world of a content-generating public ready to bring you into their world – not the other-way round. It’s more and more about personal pull content. Sure one can argue that these YouTube videos are rambling journeys but just look at the pay off,  that’s a hat tip homage to another brand – Pixar’s ‘Lift’. Brands can become participants in people’s own stories with a few simple guidelines.