Tony Scott

Tony Scott’s tragic death is sad reminder that success does not equate to happiness or inner peace, lest one think otherwise. Twitter, Jason Brush

“I’m deeply sorry for the death of Tony Scott. I will like to understand the mystery behind the decision he took.” Twitter, Guillermo Arriaga (Filmmaker)

Forever and indelibly the artist, maker, visionary of light and dark. Full reporting on the life and passion of film director Tony Scott who’s tragic passing on Sunday shocked the whole creative community. Story via the Guardian


35mm« is a shortfilm about cinema itself. We picked 35 of our favorite movies and tried to simplify them as far as possible. The outcome is a 2 minute journey through the history of film. Take a close look and tell us if you’ve recognized them all!

Fightclub, Singing in the Rain, Jaws, Snow White, Toy Story.

h/t @creativesoapbox props @pascalmonoco

Lessons of Darkness

The cinematography of this movie is a constant presence of beauty and terror, heart-throbbing and breathtaking, still always far from pathos. Inspiring and touching throughout its full length, Werner Herzog demonstrates the power of pictures, the essence of film or photography as a medium separate from logical understanding.

There is no storyline to this motion picture since it defines itself as such, – not as a visual derogative of verbal expression but as a free form of expression displayed in sensuous, demanding and touching pictures. This movie is a must for any photographer or person involved in visual arts, I have seldom encountered such a sincere and demanding work of cinematography.

OFFF Paris 2010

Rather nice titles for the OFFF conference. An underwater deep sea world, full of these beautiful aquatic creatures and ionosphere sounds give it a really dreamy feeling.

Thomas Crown Affair

Remembering the Thomas Crown Affair. That split screen effect is positively quaint now. But this was a big deal at the time. Revolutionary thinking (and amazing technical achievement) through a series of beautiful optical effects.

Up in the Air

Friday’s picture from the title sequence for “Up In The Air”.

You certainly don’t need a reminder than great cinematography can change the way you feel about a story. But I needed to snag this frame to help open my eyes to this beautiful range of visuals (combining striking composition with stunning framing/play of light).

Tomasz Stańko Quintet

Amazing video made with 1 km of yarn and four different flashlights and one lamp (Living Colors). Yarn was shaken and illuminated in different ways and shot in stop motion. Props from Katarzyna Kijek & Przemysław Adamski

Living Climate Change

Getting a conversation started about the climate is easy, right. But what’s nice about this site is the experience is about turning it into actionable, repeatable steps. Ask good questions as a design thinker. Help others understand it and turn it into action. Like it.

Peter Sellers

An interview with Peter Sellers for Dr. Strangelove where he does several different English accents:

1) Cockney. 2) General London accent. 3) Estuary English accent (intellectual). You might hear this in parts of Kent and Essex, maybe Surrey, sounded quite Kentish. 4) Pimply guy (?) Frank Spencer! 5) Posh (Cosmo!) sort of London accent 6) Maybe a Greek or Jewish London accent, 7) Edinbro’ Morningside Accent 8 ) Glasgow 9) West Country (but as someone pointed out John Arlott was from Hampshire, and has accent has a kind of rural South East feel (with a bit of a burr).


Enjoying these fleeting moments of a city. It’s Groningen Netherlands.

This is the very first project by Groningen based arts duo DocterSterkenburg. Christiaan Docter is a filmcomposer and Jonathan Sterkenburg is a cinematographer. This very first project is a tribute to the city of Groningen, Netherlands

Hat tip to @brainpicker

Real McCoy

Nice one Carl. Winning short from Cutty Sark competition.

The Smalls is a website designed for short films of all shapes and sizes. In conjunction with Cutty Sark whisky and Discovery Channels they sponsored a film competition. They provide 4 scenarios and you tell a story in under 5 minutes. You can use elements that they provide (images, script ideas) or go off piste and make it all up.