Flexibility + Optimism

Ariane de Bonvoisin new book, The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Making any Change Easier,” highlights nine principles that make someone good at change. The first principle is the importance of being optimistic. Optimists always handle change better. They look for what’s good about the current change.

I’m not advocating or promoting this stuff. For goodness sake, we have a shelf full of business management books already. What’s interesting is the need for first hand research, (we do user centered design at DARE). It’s clear that we are living with highly dependent, interconnected, dysfunctional, global financial systems that has, will, soon to be crashing around us. What happens to our relationships when constant evolving change is needed, it likely comes down to optimistic behavior.

Getting good at change is becoming one of the most important competitive advantages for a company. What you need to understand is that companies don’t change — people change. That said, if you can learn how to get good at change, you will be indispensable to your company.

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