Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership (LHSA+DP) are a nationally recognized, published, award-winning integrated design firm with a diverse portfolio of architecture, museum and graphic design projects.

They are credited with using the phrase ‘design as interpretation’


Our process always begins with total immersion into the content and context of any situation. A fun credo of “listen, learn, distill, create” results in designs that uniquely embody the vision and goals of their clients. Giving form and imparting meaning become one objective, one vision, and one of the surest paths to superior design.

Outstanding. Great firm.

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  1. Here’s the Design Framing/Tools research paper I was talking about. You can opt for a free preview or pay $34.00 and register.

    Abstract: In the paper design processes are conceived as social processes of interpretation and construction of meaning, and potentially of context generation. A reconstructive approach to design research is suggested which studies design processes in terms of social interaction. Designers’ interpretative works are based on their capabilities acquired through enculturation, like practices,routines, and skilled use of tools. Examples taken from case studies are described and some concepts for description are suggested. Descriptive design research might be more apt in stimulating designers’ reflections on their practices and routines and thereby initiating learning processes rather than yet another design method.

    Examining: Case study’s – Design methodologies, Design Practices, Design tools and representations

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