Hong Kong Happy Valley

Hnng Kong skyline with race horse

World-famous multi storey Hong Kong racecourse. There has been horse racing here since 1846. Views looking south from wan chai skyscraper (happy valley race course down on the right). An amazing night out, will upload footage of a short film we shot on Wednesday night race.

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  1. Nouriel Roubini writes that…

    “The reopening of the fire hoses of credit and capital that occurred during the bubble years will happen again and intensify the boom-and-bust cycles. Driven by ever-more- desperate policymakers in the U.S., Europe and Japan, these cycles will both shorten and magnify. Political, policy and regulatory uncertainty will increase, and as a result, financial crises will become more frequent and costly, while risk aversion, volatility and uncertainty will rise.”

  2. In Asia you really feel it.

    We see what they have done and project onto them something we miss, fearfully miss, in ourselves” — that “can-do,” “get-it-done,” “everyone-pull-together,” “whatever-it-takes” attitude that built our highways, dams and put a man on the moon.

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