Greg Lynn

Conceptual work teaming together filmmakers, architects and designers. Greg’s commentary is rather fascinating, averting the concepts away from preconceived notions of “the world = a globe”. Ross Lovegrove first mentioned Greg’s name during his TED conference.

Greg Lynn: New CitySeed Magazine Feature
Is a sphere the optimal shape for our world? If physical laws were no longer a concern, how would we mold the Earth to better suit our global economy? The 21st century city planner tackles these questions and more as he redesigns our planet for the web.

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  1. Peter Frankfurt, Greg Lynn, Alex McDowell and Imaginary Forces collaborated to bring New City to MoMA’s Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition. New City featured an architecturally-scaled immersive media environment that served as the trailer to the concept of a living virtual world that is parallel and simultaneous to ours.

    A facetted cave structure with twelve rear-projections told the story of New City – sometimes as multiple, synchronized video narratives, and sometimes as a continuous canvas.

    The New York Times called Design and the Elastic Mind “the most uplifting show MoMA’s architecture and design department has presented since the museum reopened in 2004. Thanks to its imaginative breadth, we can begin to dream again.”

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