Architects Ray Kappe & Shigeru Ban

The folks over the LivingHomes, talking about the 46 week process for a prefab house:


Venturing into the process of bringing your dream LivingHome to life, you may wonder, “Will this is hard, complicated, a pain in my Eames-loving rear?” Correct answer: No, because we’ll be there to work with you and guide you through every step along the way. Unlike the frustrations often associated with building a traditional custom home, we’ve designed a process to ensure a comfortable, predictable experience, an experience in which we are partners — from personalizing architectural design to choosing your favourite fixtures.

The following sections discuss a step-by-step roadmap of the entire LivingHomes purchase process — from evaluating the suitability of the land you select to that moment when the finish crew has gone and it’s just you, your favourite chair, an expansive view, and the great sense of space that pervades your LivingHome.

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